Apologies if this is totally obvious to some, this is based on years of experience at the Rally helping people.

Why is the Rally in February?

February was chosen as the originators of the Rally did their research and wanted the weekend with the worst weather in North Wales, mid-February was chosen. They seem to have got it right!

Why can't I be told ahead of time where the site is?

The precise location is kept secret until you arrive at the control checkpoint, this is to make sure only ticket holders turn up at the site, and this is part of the Dragon Rally tradition.

Why is it bank transfer only?

Cheques, cash and dealing with SAEs is no longer viable due to the difficulty and time involved in paying in to the bank. Also that a lot of time has been spent over previous years collecting and paying for post incorrectly stamped, and restamping SAEs incorrectly stamped.

What should I wear?

You will need a good waterproof Motorcycle jacket, trousers and boots as well as over the top waterproofs, what is dry on a short trip may not be up to prolonged wet weather. Bring dry clothes in a dry bag! It will be colder and wetter than you think. We have had rallyists arriving with Hypothermia previously and that is not good.

What type of tent do I need?

You will need a good quality tent capable of withstanding Winter in Snowdonia. It will be wet, cold and windy. A Summer cheap festival tent is not going to be up to the job. Keep your sleeping bag etc in a dry bag until you need it, your tent may blow down or flood!

What type of sleeping bag do I need?

You need a 4 season, winter sleeping bag, summer sleeping bags and cheap ones will not be warm enough.

Will my phone work?

Be prepared for no phone or internet depending on location.

Will there be a band?

Yes, there will be a band.

Will there be a marquee?

There will be a marquee or barn for the band and shelter with a bar.

Will there be a burger van?

Yes, there will be food on site as well as the usual free hot soup and roll.

What is in the goodie bag?

The goodie bag contains a miniature of spirits, two chocolate bars, commemorative slate coaster, sticker and the rally badge.

Is there merchandise on sale?

Yes, there will be various merchandise articles on sale.

What happens if I break down at the site?

Conwy M.C.C. Ltd will make every effort to help you and nobody will be abandoned, but you should have your own breakdown cover. Obviously, the conditions will take their toll on poor batteries and bikes in poor condition.

Can I have a campfire?

This depends on the site, most do not allow fires at all, some allow fires pits off the ground.

What do I do if I am ill or struggling?

Contact a Conwy M.C.C. steward or go to the First Aid post, there is always one on site.

Is my stuff safe in my tent?

Sadly, unfortunately valuables are not safe in your tent. Keep your wallet, passport, phone etc. with you. Conwy M.C.C. Ltd will not be liable for any loss.

My bike won't start, what do I do?

Contact a club steward to see if we can help. Use your recovery service.

What are the rules for alcohol?

You must take personal responsibility, if you are so drunk you do not know where your tent is, where your bike is or even what bike you came on you create major issues for the organisers. We won't be impressed!! "It's a green tent " does not help! Look after your mates, don't abandon them.

I have health issues, should I come?

You must make your own decision but keep in mind that this is an extreme event. You will potentially have to ride in cold wet weather before arriving and then camp on wet mud and grass depending on the weather obviously. Hospitals are not 10 minutes away in North Wales.

Will there be free hot showers?


The forecast looks bad, can I come in the car?


I got cold on the way and went home; can you post me my badge?


Can you move the Rally to July?